Of The Land & Sea

Margaret : Seppi

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Margret : Seppi

Why Do You Want to Capture Your Wedding on Video?: Everyone there, the craic, getting ready, the excitement, the entrance the party, fun and everyone having a good time. And our special dance (which isn’t anything major but for us it’s huge, cause we can’t dance)

Describe The Proposal?: Seppi acting nervous shuffling me about salt hill beech trying to get me away from other humans, obviously so no one would see what he was trying to do. We were on a weekend break after the new year. He got down on one knee and asked would I do him the honour of being his wife. I asked was he joking so when he said he was f**king serious I said yes.

The venue(s), why this place above anywhere else: It’s classy, romantic and beside the sea which we love. As we grew up on the coast. The food is also amazing.