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Yousreya : Sean

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Yousreya : Sean

Winton Castle Wedding Film || Yousreya : Sean || Hungry Hearts

How did you meet?
Bumble! Romance isn’t dead in the online dating app space.

Tell us about the proposal:
I surprised her in her flat on a regular weekday morning – directing her to a few messages I’d left in a book as I waited on my knee by the front door.

The venue(s) or location, why this place above anywhere else?
Scotland – Yousreya was born and raised in Glasgow and Australia for me. It’s an important place for her and my family love a holiday!!

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
A lot of people in the same space for the same day for the first and maybe last time given our guestlist spans the globe.
Personally, I’m a bit of a cinephile as it is so a decent video is my jam.

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